Depicting the Colours in Trees & Bushes

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An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide towards accurate colour mixing and use. Learn how to mix the wide range of hues required for depicting the colours in Trees & Bushes.



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As children we tend to believe that tree trunks are brown and leaves are green – and paint them that way. If we later take up art we soon realise that this approach is far too limiting. In this pocket-sized book we show you how to mix and apply a wide range of colours to depict trees of all shapes and sizes and in all seasons. An associated Mini Course is also available.

Please note: a copy of our “Colour Mixing Swatch Book” will be helpful if you wish to obtain the maximum from this book


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School of Color Publishing (June 1, 2004)

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3 reviews for Depicting the Colours in Trees & Bushes

  1. amazon

    Great series of books to study for watercolor
    I like this series of books. The author uses good examples and the material is well organized and easy to use. There is a workbook series as well.
    By Jeanne (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  2. amazon

    Paint trees and landscapes the right way!
    Another in the series by Wilcox and company shows you how to depict trees in various settings as well as portraying landscapes. Excellent reference on color choices and mixing. Wilcox shows you how to make over 2000 colors from only 12 tube colors. Learn how to modify your colors to depict trees and other foilege as well as light and shade. A must have in my library along with the other color books in this series.
    By A customer (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  3. amazon

    Please reprint this book!
    OK, so its very overpriced because its out of print but I found this to be an informative book. The idea is to use a limited palette to produce color harmony and it is clearly explained. The book itself is not large but the size isn’t much of an issue. I found this contains a lot of the information that is in other Michael Wilcox books but in a very clearly explained and usable format. Please reprint this book! It contains a lot of valuable info that is only hinted at in other publications.
    By Rpihawk (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

    Please Note: As the School of Colour never increases the price of our books when the tittle is in short supply, the customer must have purchased elsewhere. But thank you Rpihawk for your comments.

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