Mixing Greens

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An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide towards the accurate mixing of greens. Mix any green that you require quickly and accurately – an artist’s dream.



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Without a doubt, the foremost concern identified by artists lies in the mixing of greens. Too many resort to using unreliable colours such as Sap Green, Olive Green and Hookers Green. Such pre-mixed greens tend to fade or deteriorate in some other way.

This book will show you how to mix any green that you require, quickly, accurately and without waste. Bright greens, yellow-greens, dull greens. Whatever green you are looking for this book will shown you how to mix it with absolute ease. Any green, from bright to dark, from blue-greens to yellow-greens can be produced with absolute ease in a matter of moments. Do you really want to keep struggling to produce predictable greens? An associated Mini Course is also available.

Please note: a copy of our “Colour Mixing Swatch Book will be helpful if you wish to obtain the maximum from this book


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School of Color Publishing (June 1, 2004)

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13 reviews for Mixing Greens

  1. amazon

    I really learned a great deal of information about creating a green from blues …
    I really learned a great deal of information about creating a green from blues and yellows that already have a % of green mixed within the blue and yellow tube color. Great reference book to have.
    By Faye Mummert (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  2. amazon

    Definitive Book of Mixing Greens
    If you really want to understand the mixing of greens, this is a great book especially for botanical artists! I highly recommend.
    By Lindaartist (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  3. amazon

    great color mixinig book
    I bought this book when I was taking a couple of classes on color mixing. Although I am not a painter, I think this is a great book. I’d never realized the potential ways of mixing greens. Some of which are not at all intuitive. I visited a forest shortly after reading this book and I’m sure it enhanced my ability to see the greens I was exposed to – from the leaves backlit with sunshine to the dark green shadows on the shaded sides of tree trunks.
    By Lloyd L. Lehn (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  4. amazon

    Mixing Greens (Colour Notes) by Wilcox
    This handy book is wonderful for getting a handle on the difficult matter of painting various greens in a landscape.
    By John F. Grisoni (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  5. amazon

    starsA most useful artbook
    Green can be a difficult color to reproduce. I found this book to be helpful with mixing any shade of green that is desired. I do acrylics and I was surprised at the numerous combinations of paints.
    By john dean brandeberry (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  6. amazon

    New paradigm that works!
    Michael Wilcox’s books will pay for themselves in the money you save on paint. This is a startling book which finally explains why some color mixes that you would expect to be good are just awful!
    When I made a color wheel for a water media class I asked the teacher why some of my mixed secondary colors were so poor. She said because of student grade paints. While that may have contributed a little considering what I was using for paints at the time that was the incorrect answer! Cotman paints weren’t THAT bad. It was because neither she nor I understood the physics of paint mixtures.
    Paint mixtures aren’t magic – they are a blend of light frequencies that behave in a predictable way. (Clue: The famous color wheel does not have a lot to do with it!) But people have a lot of difficulty giving up a paradigm – even if it is wrong. Time for a new one! Great book!!!
    By A customer (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  7. amazon

    blue and yellow dont make green
    I own them all, and this is the best of the best, for understanding color theory. 10 stars. im always referring back to it time and again. no matter what form of art you do, painting to tattooing, this is the only book you need. seriously.
    By superman (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  8. amazon

    Makes color mixing cristal clear
    This book is great. As a hobby, I started painting a little over a year ago. However, after investing hundreds of hours and dollars, I was on the verge of giving up painting all together because of the frustration resulting from failing to mix colors accurately, wasting time, money and going nowhere. In his book, Mr. Wilcox, starting from the color pigment level, clearly explains to us the entire color mixing process with thousands of examples backed by illustrated scientific information, and takes out the guess work, thus allowing the artist to concentrate on the composition. After reading this book, my colors are now a hundred percent accurate with colors ending up on canvas rather than in the trash. The only critisism I may have is his continuous repitition of the evils and shortcomings of traditional color-mixing theory. Other than that, thank you Mr. Wilcox for bringing back the joy of painting.
    By Gayle S. Ataceri (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  9. amazon

    It’s TRUE, Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green!!! WOW!!!
    This is far and away the best book on color and how to use it. In fact, this book is the best art instruction book I’ve ever read, it has helped improve my painting more than all the dozens of books on technique I own. If you’re serious about your art and want to know how your paintings can have the richness of color and vibrancy of the great masters then READ THIS BOOK!!! If you can only buy one art instruction book this year then this should be it.
    Easy to read, easy to follow, excellent content, full of examples and exercises.
    Thank you Mr. Wilcox!!!
    By Amazon Customer (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  10. amazon

    one of the few practically useful books on the subject
    Had I gotten my hands on this book three or four years ago, I would have saved much money on other books and on paint. I would also have spared myself hours and hours of frustration trying to match the color in my mind with a color on a canvas. In short, this is the only genuinely useful book on the subject of color mixing of at least two dozen that I have read. It is also the first to give me the sense that I understand what I am doing. Finally, buying paint is a new experience when I actually know exactly what I am looking for (and what not).
    By A customer (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  11. amazon

    Desert Island book for Artists
    This book makes so much sense, works so well, and shows the conventional color wheel theory to be so much hogwash that it has changed my life as an artist.
    Anyone who says this book is too difficult or covers old territory hasn’t read it carefully. This is the most important art book you will every read. You will come away “empowered” rather that overpowered by color.
    By A customer (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  12. amazon

    A color reference for the serious artist
    This book’s central lesson is: “Color mixing should be a thinking process based on knowledge.” This book discusses the physics of color and light. It has pages and pages devoted to the properties of various colors, and what will happen when you mix Color A and Color B. I just wish this were a lightweight paperback so I could throw it in my painting kit.
    By cherab (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  13. amazon

    Changed my way of looking at colour
    I have been painting for about 5 years now and had my fair share of failures, mainly due to mixing mud. This book takes you down a diffrent path and explains where I was going wrong,in an easy to understand way, it has changed my aproach entirly. I Use it in conjunction with is mixing pallete and paints and am delighted with the results.
    By david hunter (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

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