Titanium White (37ml Acrylics)

White, Opaque

Many watercolourists are surprised that we offer white in all media, including watercolour. When white is added to any colour it will dull and cool it, producing a range of unique tints which cannot be mixed in any other way. The use of white is essential if the full repertoire of colour is to be exploited. Without it you abandon half of your tints.







  • The whitest of the whites. Absolutely inert and unaffected by other pigments, light, weak acids or alkalis. Earlier problems of yellowing and chalking were overcome and commercial production had started by 1920. Since then it has become a popular addition to the palette, although not as widely available as Zinc or Chinese White (in watercolors).
  • Possesses excellent light fastness. Rated ASTM 1 (excellent) in all of our media and is on the list of approved pigments. A first class pigment.
  • Titanium White is brilliant, strong and possesses good covering power. Non-metallic preservatives.


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