Raw Sienna (37ml Oils)

Neutralised Orange-Yellow, Semi-Transparent

Raw Sienna has been chosen because it will give even, transparent washes when well diluted. This makes it a very useful colour when working in glazes. A neutralised (or dulled) orange-yellow which has a calming effect on other colours. It will give very dull, subtle, clear greens with Ultramarine Blue and soft mid oranges with Cadmium Red Light.






  • Used by artists from the early cave painter to the present day Raw Sienna is a native earth mined at many locations. Named after a particularly fine variety once produced at Sienna, Tuscany.
  • An excellent glazing color, the better qualities being very transparent. Gives a golden tan when well diluted. Raw Sienna takes on a very labored appearance in heavy applications. Fairly good tinting strength.
  • Absolutely lightfast with an ASTM rating if 1 in all our media. The crude ‘Raw Sienna’ used by the cave painter will not have changed in color to this very day. Non-metallic preservatives.


Additional information

Type of Paint

Artists Quality Oil Paint

Colour Type

Neutralized Orange-Yellow, Semi-Transparent

Common Name

Raw Sienna

Colour Index Name

PBr7 (Pigment Brown 7)

Colour Index Number


Chemical Class

Natural Iron Oxide

ASTM rating

ASTM rating if 1 in all our media.



Tube Size



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